What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

Dr. Young H. Choi M.D. knows that few things are more important to you than your eyes. You want to be able to see clearly and you want to know that a surgeon has the best possible solution for your eye problems. Here at our practice in Birmingham, AL we offer plenty of options for all types of vision issues. One of the most common methods is LASIK surgery. Dr. Young H. Choi M.D. has the skill and equipment needed to perform this delicate procedure and help you see clearly again.

What is LASIK?

In LASIK surgery, the doctor does a reshaping of the cornea. This is the clear coating over your eyeball. By focusing on this part of the eye, a surgeon can fix a variety of vision problems. Astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness can all be fixed by this surgery.

That’s because light enters your cornea and a misshapen cornea doesn’t properly focus it. Instead of sending a clear image to your retina, you end up with a blurry image that leaves you squinting and putting even more strain on your eyes. LASIK fixes the cornea and allows your cornea to properly reflect light.

It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t take much time at all. Dr. Choi creates a small flap in the outer coating of the eye and then uses a laser to change your cornea. Then he closes the flap. It’s that simple. Most patients are done in about thirty minutes. That’s not too bad of a time investment for a surgery that dramatically improves your vision.

Is LASIK Safe and Effective?

The answer to both of these questions is yes. LASIK surgery has a success rate of around 96 percent. In some cases, you’ll see an improvement in your vision right after your surgery. It’s hard to beat those kind of results.

As for safety, the biggest risk is an infection. Other patients experience redness and dry eyes. This is a surgery with a high success rate and low risk of complication, which is why it has become so popular over the years.

It’s also important to note that LASIK is permanent vision correction for most people. In most situations you won’t have to worry about going back in for further surgery or other procedure. Just spend a short time at our Birmingham, AL practice and you’ll walk out with better vision than ever.

Recovery Times

For the most part, patients recover rather quickly from LASIK eye surgery. It takes a few days to two weeks for the incision in each eye to heal, but that doesn’t have a negative effect on your vision in most cases. We have some ways to speed up the healing process and we usually recommend resting on the day of your LASIK surgery. Relaxing and avoiding stress can help you bounce back a little bit faster. We also make sure that our patients aren’t experiencing any complications or other problems before sending them on their way. So visit our practice today if you’re looking for someone with the expertise and technology needed to perform LASIK surgery.

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