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Eye color change surgery is a groundbreaking innovation that permanently alters your iris color, providing a safe and enduring alternative to the risks associated with long-term color contact lens use.

Innovation in the World of
Aesthetic Ophthalmology

Using dye from Switzerland and a state-of-the-art laser, you can change your eye color permanently in about 45 minutes. Dr. Choi is the only ophthalmologist in the United States to have trained in Paris, France, under the “father of eye color change in the world,” Dr. Francis Ferrari. Studies show that this groundbreaking technique is safer than long-term color contact use or iris implants, which can cause issues with the health of your eyes.

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What to Expect

Your eye or eyes will be numbed with a local anesthetic, making the procedure completely painless. While complete color removal may not be possible, adjustments to your eye color can be made if you are not happy with the outcome. If you have had laser vision correction before, you may not be a candidate for this innovative procedure. Dr. Choi will assess your circumstances during your initial consultation.

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When it comes to your eyes, placing your trust in the right hands is paramount. That is why we go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your care is managed with the utmost precision, expertise and compassion. Trust us to protect and enhance your vision because nothing but the best will do when it comes to your eyes.

Another surgeon did one of my eyes—it went very bad. Eyesight was like wearing a pair of different glasses for each eye. I had to see a specialist for three months, then was highly recommended by another doctor to see Dr. Choi. He told me in our consultation, ‘I am going to fix your eyes!’ I’ve been going through not being able to see since February of this year. He did the surgery this morning. I walked out seeing better than I had for the past six months. It’s only going to get better! I cannot thank you and your wonderful staff enough”

– S.G.

Results truly amazed me. I now have 20/20 vision, thanks to Dr. Choi. I highly recommend his services.”

– C.A.

There is nothing but positive things for me to say about Dr. Choi. I appreciate his knowledge and skills as a physician and surgeon. Dr. Choi has a great reputation and came highly recommended to me. Once he became my doctor, I understood why. His credentials are impressive, but more than that is his compassion and genuine interest in me, the patient. As he was highly recommended to me, I would in return have no reservations in recommending him to family and friends.”

– A.

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Taking the next step towards seeing and feeling better begins with making an informed decision to seek professional advice. By requesting a consultation with us, you are not just exploring the potential for enhanced sight; you are also opening the door to a life where every moment is seen in its fullest clarity and color. Let today be the day you choose to see and feel better. 

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