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Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center is a leading practice that offers exclusive eye care in the Greater Birmingham area. Board-certified opthalmologist Dr. Young Choi has helped countless men and women regain optimal vision so they can thrive and enjoy life with the ones they love. Many of our patients have shared their testimonials online, and we invite you to read through their stories to learn more about Dr. Choi and our thriving practice.

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Review from D.B.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Mar 01, 2021

Before going to see Dr. Choi it was extremely difficult and eventually dangerous for me to drive at night. I worked as a firefighter and first responder, so I needed my vision to be reliable. I went to other offices but was unable to get the care that I needed. I had glaucoma alleviation treatment and cataracts removed from both eyes with Dr. Choi. Thanks to Dr. Choi and his staff, I am now able to see without glasses and safely drive at night. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, for the talent skills and abilities of Dr. Choi and his staff. More

Review from R.C.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jan 13, 2021

In November I had surgery to remove cataracts, and also wished to be free of wearing glasses so my stigmatism and nearsightedness were corrected with new trifocal and trifocal Toric lenses. The results were life changing to say the least. It's wonderful to be able to read, watch tv, and track my golf ball all without having to wear glasses. I'm almost 73 and I believe my "new eyes" have indeed enhanced the quality of my life. I give Dr. Choi and his staff five stars and an excellent rating. Dr. Choi was warm, personable and genuinely seemed concerned about improving my vision. He, along with his staff were very professional yet welcoming and friendly at the same time. I also appreciate their detailed efforts to adhere to the Covid-19 safety guidelines. My dealings with Dr. Choi and staff was a wonderful experience to say the least. More

Review from K.M.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 23, 2020

My mother was one of Dr. Choi's very first patients. She had an eye infection and during the night contacted Dr. Choi's office. At the time, he was on call and came to her house in the middle of the night to take her in his car to the office. He is a very special and caring person. I would not let anyone else touch my eyes but Dr. Choi. I am satisfied with my personal experience with his staff; and I like the fact that I was asked to wait in my car before seeing the doctor (due to COVID-19 precautions). I recommend Dr. Choi to my friends/family based on my experience. He is the best! More

Review from DL  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Nov 06, 2020

5 Stars! Thank you Dr Choi and crew for my trifocal lens replacement surgery (souped-up cataract surgery). For me the healing time was very quick and I came out of the procedure already able to see. Now, three months after surgery, I see better than I can remember ever seeing before (my vision is now 20/20). Before surgery my eyes were so bad (about -11) that I was not a candidate for anything but the trifocal lens replacement surgery but I saw it as an investment in my future health as I was getting worried about night driving. So glad I did it! More

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