Will Glaucoma Lead To Vision Loss If Left Untreated?

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Our eyes are complicated organs. All of the different components need to work together perfectly so we can see. So when one part does not function as it should, this could cause big problems for our eyesight. Glaucoma is a condition in which intraocular pressure damages the optic nerve and leads to vision loss.

How does glaucoma affect vision? Can glaucoma cause blindness? Even though glaucoma does not come with many symptoms at first, patients should be aware of the early signs. When you visit Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center, we can explain how this disease impacts your eye health. Meet with Dr. Young H. Choi in Birmingham, AL, by calling our office for a consultation.

How does glaucoma affect vision?

Many of our patients are concerned that glaucoma could lead to blindness. So, how does glaucoma affect vision? Experts estimate that millions of people have glaucoma already but do not realize it. This is because glaucoma is a progressive disease and cannot be identified without the help of a doctor. The good news is that if an ophthalmologist identifies glaucoma early, it can be treated. If the damage goes untreated for too long, this condition could lead to permanent vision loss.

Knowing your risk for glaucoma

The biggest influencer of glaucoma vision loss is whether you schedule regular eye examinations with your doctor. During these appointments in Birmingham, AL, you can explain any symptoms you may be experiencing as well as personal and family health history. In this case, the likelihood of vision loss drops significantly. Patients should also learn about some of the risk factors that increase their odds of developing this condition. Some of these known risks include patients:

  • With elevated intraocular pressure

  • Over the age of 60

  • With a family history of glaucoma

  • With health conditions like diabetes

When should I see an eye doctor?

The most common type of glaucoma is called open-angle glaucoma. The most common symptom of this condition is gradual loss of peripheral vision. You may experience tunnel vision in the more advanced stages. The other type of glaucoma is acute-angle closure, which is characterized by intense eye pain, blurry vision, vomiting, reddening around the eye, and seeing halos around lights. These symptoms are considered a medical emergency, and patients should see a doctor right away.

If you experience any changes in vision, even small ones, you should contact your eye doctor for an assessment. Some patients may require a simple change in prescription lenses, while others need immediate glaucoma treatment. Remember that glaucoma vision loss can be prevented when you take the right steps. Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center may recommend solutions, such as medications or prescription eye drops, to slow the progression of the disease. Surgery can also address more advanced cases.

Improve your eye health

Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center is proud to provide outstanding quality eye care to our local community in Birmingham, AL. Dr. Young H. Choi and his team address your eye health through advanced technology and techniques as well as participating in continuing education. If you are concerned about glaucoma vision loss, our team can address your needs by developing a custom treatment plan for you. Call our office for a health assessment and eye examination today.

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