What Should You Avoid After LASIK Surgery?

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LASIK refractive surgery uses laser technology to correct small imperfections in your vision. This procedure works wonders to improve problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. If you suffer from one of these refractive errors, you may be wondering what to expect after LASIK. Can you exercise after LASIK? What activities should you avoid?

During laser vision surgery, Dr. Young H. Choi creates a thin flap in the cornea to carefully reshape the surface of the cornea. We then replace the flap so it will naturally heal. Even though LASIK is a relatively quick and painless procedure, patients need to consider LASIK healing time and aftercare. Learn about these restrictions by contacting a member of our team for an appointment. Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center is happy to inform you about the process in Birmingham, AL area.

About LASIK aftercare

Proper LASIK aftercare is crucial to a healthy recovery. When you first open your eyes after laser vision surgery, you may experience some foggy vision as well as an itching sensation. Even though most individuals can resume daily activities within two days of undergoing LASIK, it is important to avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes. We may also prescribe medications to keep your eyes comfortable and moisturized. Dr. Choi will schedule follow-up appointments as needed to make sure your healing is going as planned.

Swimming after LASIK

So, what about swimming after LASIK? After eye surgery, patients should avoid swimming pools and other bodies of water for at least two weeks. Hot tubs and saunas may also be harmful to the healing tissue. If water gets into your eyes prematurely, it can lead to irritation or even an infection. We suggest using goggles or keeping your eyes closed underwater if you decide to go for a swim. However, you should consult with Dr. Choi in Birmingham, AL, before heading to the water.

Exercise after LASIK

You might be excited to exercise after LASIK surgery, but your eyes need to heal completely before you can go running or heading off to the gym. Strenuous activities and contact sports can, ultimately, ruin the results of your procedure or make your side effects worse. Not only can exercise strain your eyes, but sweat can cause excess irritation. If you engage in these kinds of activities, we suggest taking a break for at least one month.

Driving after LASIK

Patients normally experience some discomfort and blurred vision after laser surgery. This is why you cannot go driving immediately after LASIK procedures. Most patients get a responsible friend or family member to take them home on the day of their surgery before staying home for the remainder of the day. That said, many individuals are ready to drive the day after surgery. Remember to get approval from Dr. Choi before operating a vehicle.

Learn more about LASIK aftercare

After receiving LASIK vision surgery, there are some wonderful things to expect, including freedom from eyeglasses and contact lenses. At Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center, we hope to improve your quality of life through LASIK and other similar procedures. If you have questions about driving after LASIK or swimming after LASIK, simply contact our office near Birmingham, AL, for an appointment. Dr. Young H. Choi encourages patients to learn about the many ways to protect their eyes after a laser procedure.

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