Pros and Cons of LASIK Eye Surgery

We know that you take your eye health seriously. That's especially true when you're deciding on surgery. You want to be sure that a procedure is right for you and that you're in good hands. Fortunately,Dr. Young H. Choi has the skills and experience needed to perform your eye surgery. One common procedure is LASIK surgery, which reshapes the cornea and could eliminate your need for glasses. Before you get this surgery, there are a few things that you should know. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of LASIK.


You won’t have to worry about keeping track of your glasses or replacing your contacts. Here are some other benefits:

  • Improved Vision

    • This is an obvious one. The vast majority of patients that undergo LASIK surgery end up seeing their vision improve dramatically. In many cases, you'll notice a difference a day after your surgery.
  • A Quick Procedure and Quick Recovery

    • On that same note, you'll be back to your normal routine in that day after your surgery. The full healing process takes just three to six months. It's a short time to wait for clearer vision. The procedure itself is also quick. It's a mostly painless surgery that takes less than an hour to complete. You'll be seeing clearly in no time.
  • Age Doesn't Matter

    • If you're concerned that you're too old for this procedure, don't be. Many patients of varying ages are perfect for LASIK surgery. We can evaluate you and your eyes today.
  • No More Glasses or Contacts

    • For many of our patients, this is the main draw of laser vision correction. You'll no longer have to worry about misplacing glasses or having them get in the way. Buying big bottles of contact solution will be a thing of the past. You'll finally be able to see the world around you without help.
  • Long-Lasting Results

    • A great thing about LASIK surgery is that the results last a long time. Your eyes adjust after just a few months and you won't need to go in for more surgeries in most situations. While your vision could still change due to age or illness, you're likely going to be much better off after completely healing from this procedure.


While LASIK surgery is a great option for many people, there are some potential drawbacks to keep in mind. Like any surgical procedure, there are some risks involved.

  • Dry Eyes

    • This is a minor issue that can pop up after your surgery. Your tear production might be reduced, which means dry eyes and mild discomfort. Normally this clears up after you completely heal, and eye drops can help in the short term.
  • Night Vision Problems

    • While you're healing, you may have issues with night vision. You might see “halos” or glare that can be distracting. You'll want to be careful driving at night in the months after your surgery. Very rarely this becomes a long-term problem, but for most LASIK patients it's just a temporary phenomenon.
  • Hard to Reverse or Correct

    • Because laser vision correction involves reshaping your corneas permanently, it can be hard to correct if there's an issue during your surgery. Other adjustments are going to require more LASIK surgery. That's why you need a competent surgeon who knows what they're doing, like Dr. Young H. Choi!
    • Imagine the feeling of waking up every morning and being able to see-- rather than having to reach for your glasses! Make that dream a reality by booking a LASIK appointment with us today.

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