Is Blurred Vision After LASIK Normal?

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There is a reason why so many people consistently choose LASIK corrective eye surgery. It is not only safe and accessible, but countless patients have also lessened their dependence on visual aids, like glasses and contacts. When you visit Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center for an assessment, you may learn about several common LASIK eye surgery side effects, including temporary blurry vision.

While blurry vision after LASIK is normal, some patients are still concerned. Rest assured that board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Young H. Choi will inform you about these normal side effects and when to expect clear vision after surgery. Learn about LASIK recovery time and more by calling our office near Birmingham, AL. Our office is dedicated to helping people achieve great vision that lasts a lifetime.

What happens after laser vision correction

After laser vision correction, Dr. Choi recommends following a set of simple guidelines to promote a speedy LASIK recovery time. The most common dos and don’ts include applying special eye drops as prescribed and not rubbing your eyes. These instructions are designed to help patients avoid complications, like infection.

It is normal to go through a short adjustment period while your eyes get used to your new visual acuity. Most side effects are mild and will dissipate within a few days. Our office can give you a more specific timeline when you come in for a LASIK consultation. Once you are healed, you will experience far greater vision than before!

LASIK eye surgery side effects

Common LASIK side effects include itchiness and general discomfort around the eyes. Of course, you may also experience blurry vision and sensitivity to light. One of the best things patients can do almost immediately after LASIK surgery in Birmingham, AL, is take a long nap at home. This will prevent you from scratching or rubbing your eyes.

What to avoid during LASIK recovery

Knowing what to avoid after corrective eye surgery can make the process easier to handle. To achieve the healthiest recovery possible, we generally recommend staying away from:

  • Rubbing or pressing down on your eyes

  • Dusty or smoky areas, including places with known eye irritants

  • Submerging your head in pools or hot tubs

  • Eye makeup and other cosmetic products around the eyes

When to expect normal vision

LASIK recovery time depends on several factors, including what kind of refractive error we intended to correct. If your corrective eye surgery was meant to address a major vision issue, the process might take a little longer than usual. However, most patients return to their daily lives after several weeks. You will be asked to attend a follow-up appointment at Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center to clear you for certain activities, like driving.

Schedule laser vision correction

Interested in pursuing LASIK vision correction surgery? You can learn more about this effective treatment and how it can improve your vision by scheduling an eye assessment with Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center. Dr. Young H. Choi is here to address your questions and let you know what to expect in terms of LASIK eye surgery side effects. Call us near Birmingham, AL to learn how you can begin your journey today.

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