How To Choose An Eye Surgeon

If you're looking for an eye surgeon, there are many things to consider. Convenience, expertise, and cost are just a few of the factors that can affect your decision. If you're in the Birmingham area, we think that Dr. Young H. Choi will fulfill all of your criteria. Here at our practice, we offer the services you're looking for, along with experience and the latest technology.

When picking an eye surgeon, there are a few important things to look for no matter what kind of eye surgery you're going in for. Whether you need LASIK or cataracts surgery, consider some of these factors.

Board Certification

When an eye surgeon is board-certified, that shows that they've done the post-graduate training that they need to be effective at their jobs. This means tough exams and peer review.

A surgeon that's board-certified has met the highest standards of his or her profession. Fortunately, Dr. Choi is a board-certified ophthalmologist that has the skills needed to assist you. He's passed the toughest evaluations and was even voted one of the “Top Ophthalmologists” in the United States.

Cutting-Edge Technology

You'll also want to make sure that your eye surgeon has the latest technology at their disposal. This doesn't just make surgery more convenient. It can also boost success rates, reduce complications, and keep you safer.

Dr. Choi is the only surgeon in Alabama that uses Zeiss lasers during refractive surgery. This is the most cutting-edge technology available to eye surgeons right now. He will also soon be the only surgeon in the state who has the tech needed to perform the SMILE procedure. Also known as small incision lenticule extraction, this surgery is a more advanced version of LASIK and PRK that can reduce complications and pain.


When you're looking for an eye surgeon, you want experience. You want someone who's performed the procedure you're looking for many times, because practice makes perfect. Dr. Young H. Choi MD has performed thousands of refractive surgeries for patients all over the world.

Dr. Choi is also a pioneer in his field. He was the first surgeon in North America to perform a pediatric ICL surgical procedure. He's participated in fellowships with other skilled surgeons including Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris, considered the inventor of modern day LASIK surgery. He has the skills and experience that you can depend on.

Variety of Services

When you pick an eye surgeon, you want to make sure that they actually offer all of the services you need. Our practice offers a wide variety of treatments, so we can assist you no matter what kind of vision problems you're dealing with. Naturally we offer LASIK and the aforementioned SMILE procedure, which can help patients who are looking for perfect vision and no longer want to rely on contact lenses or glasses.

We also offer the KAMRA inlay treatment, which is ideal for anyone suffering from near vision problems. Get rid of those reading glasses and see the newspaper or phone screen clearly once again. We also offer cataract surgery that uses the latest advancements. We're ready to help with all of your vision needs.

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