Eye Health Checklist for a Healthier New Year

The start of another year can mean New Year's resolutions for some people. You might set out to achieve a certain goal or opt for self-improvement, like losing that extra weight from the holidays. While you're making resolutions though, decide to make one more. Commit to eye health in the new year.

Dr. Young H. Choi M.D. has the expert advice you need to keep your eyes healthier for years to come. Here's our checklist for better eye health in 2018. Taking some of these tips to heart can make a big difference.

Use Safety Goggles at Work and Home

If you have a job that could involve dangerous particles or debris, make sure that you're always wearing safety eyewear. You might think that it's safe to go without it once or twice, but staying safe with the proper equipment is an effective way to keep your eyes healthy. While we recommend you take this step all year long, it could be especially important during the spring and summer. If you're cleaning your home, gardening, or mowing your lawn, safety goggles can help protect you from hazards.

Drink More Water

This is another important item for your eye health checklist. Drinking more water keeps your eyes moist and lubricated. If you get dehydrated, you could end up with issues like red eyes and puffy eyelids.

Bring Your Sunglasses

Some people don't realize how much damage the UV rays from the sun can do to your eyes over time. You may think you just need sunglasses while driving or while hanging out on the beach, but protecting your eyes from the sun is a more involved job than that. Even cloudy days can potentially pose a danger for your eyes. Keep them healthier by always bringing your sunglasses along.

Eat Healthier

If your New Year's resolution was to lose weight, choosing a healthier diet could also improve your eye health. A diet richer in the vitamins and nutrients you need can make a big difference. Green leafy veggies, fish, citrus fruits, and other healthy foods can all help you keep your eyes in better shape.

Stop Putting Off That Procedure You Need

If you've been thinking about getting eye surgery or another procedure, make finally getting that done another thing on your checklist. At Dr. Young H. Choi M.D.'s practice in Birmingham, you can depend on his expertise when it comes to cataract surgery, LASIK eye surgery, and more. This year, get the surgery you need to see better or keep your eyes healthier.

Stay Active

Staying active can help you improve your eye health and protect them from a variety of diseases. An active lifestyle wards off ailments like diabetes, which can lead to eye problems later in life. Make 2018 a more active year, for the benefit of your eyes and the rest of your body!

Give Your Eyes a Break
Giving your eyes a break from time to time is also important. If you're working on the computer, take a break every twenty minutes to focus on something that's around twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This 20-20-20 rule can help you avoid eye strain and keep your eyes healthier. If you follow this checklist in the new year, your eyes will thank you!

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