Testimonials: Don't just take our word for it...

Dr. Choi is so good with patients that when he told me I had to have eye surgery, I trusted him so much,
that I said ok without even thinking much about it. He put me to ease when he first walked in. He is the
only doctor I have any interest in going to see for my eyes. He is great.
Teresa Sylacauga
I challenge you to find another doctor in Dr. Choi's field of expertise that will care for you the way he
Cheri Birmingham
Dr. Choi fulfilled everything that he has promised. I can see. I can see better than I ever have. I can see
crack in the wall. I can see the leaves on the trees. I can see how beautiful my family is. My entire life has
changed. My attitude got better. My faith got stronger. My entire outlook on life has changed. Now I
have hope.
Darius Birmingham
Everyone was professional, friendly and efficient. The results have been excellent, with my eyes going
from 20/200 vision to near perfect 20/20 after surgery.
Louis Birmingham
Dr. Choi and his staff were very professional, thoroughly explained, and answered all of my questions
prior to my cataract surgery. My first procedure went very well and I can already see an improvement in
my vision.
Jerilyn Huntsville
Dr. Choi gave me the best gift ever. I can not be thankful enough for the care he gave me. I can
see better after cataract surgery than I ever have, even as a child.
Rose Moselle, Mississippi
Cataract surgery several years ago by Dr. Choi was a complete success! I appreciate everyday having
good vision. Because he used mono-type (blended vision) for me, I require NO reading assistance for
close-up or distance vision ... Dr. Choi has a gentle approach, well-informed by good training and
expertise. I would eagerly and enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who needs his service.
Glenda Hoover
I cried after surgery when I could see ...
Ellen Birmingham